I know…. the first thing you’re asking yourself…

How can they afford to give us up to $10,000 towards the purchase of our new home?

Fair question…. It is very easy, we only work with serious buyers and therefore, we are saving money on expenses and time.

What we are doing? We are simply passing on the savings to you.

So, what’s the catch???

The catch is we only work with serious buyers, people who are not just interested in buying,
but serious about moving into a new home or condo in the next six months.

Now… there are never any up front fees…. and there never will be any pressure.

If we can’t find you the perfect house for you and your budget, you don’t owe us anything.

How do I qualify for this REBATE10K rebate program?

Simply register with one of our Advanced REA Advisor’s and they will get you in the program.

  • Buy any home through an Advanced REA Advisor in one of the approved areas and you will receive up to $10,000.
  • You must pre-qualify with one of the approved lenders that we will supply.

You do not have to use the approved lender for your financing needs, but if you decide to use our approved lender then you will receive additional rebate as an added value to you.

Which areas are approved with the REBATE10K rebate program?

The following areas are approved with the REBATE10K program;

  • Santa Clarita Valley
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Simi Valley
  • Conejo Valley
  • West Side of LA.

Other local areas not listed may still qualify and can be requested on your application.

Do I receive a rebate when I purchase a new housing tract home?

We will issue a rebate based on the commission that we receive from the builder.

You can also receive the additional bonus rebate by using one of our approved lenders.

Does this rebate on new home tracts effect my purchase price?

The builder wants you to have representation when purchasing their homes, This reduces their liability in the transaction.

The builders have it built-in to the list price of the home even if you do not use an agent.

It’s in your best interest to use a Realtor to represent you since it cost you NOTHING!

How much is the REBATE10K rebate?

If you are qualified for the full rebate than the maximum rebate allowance for this rebate program is $10,000 dollars.

The rebate program is best explained in person.

Get your FREE, NO HASSLES CONSULTATION with one of our experienced Advisors.

When do I get the rebate?

You can use the gift as a closing credit towards your purchase cost.

All extra credits will be issued in a form of a gift card at the closing.

These gift cards can be used at any retailer that accepts a credit card.

Can I get cash back at the end of the transaction?

The rebate is considered a gift and by law we can not issue you a check at closing through escrow 

Is there taxed on the rebate that I receive?

The rebate is not taxed, It is considered a gift 

Is the rebate allowable?

Advanced REA strictly abides by all rules, regulations, and the code of ethics required of all participating brokers.

What can I do with the rebate?

The rebate is your money, so you can do whatever you like with it.

  • You may take it as cash at closing and use it to fix up a room or take a vacation.
  • You could also apply it to your closing costs, home insurance, or reduce your mortgage rate.
  • The choice is yours!

it’s your money.

What cost are associated with a home purchase?

There are many cost associated with a home purchase, to name a few of the associated cost are:

  • escrow fees
  • lender fees
  • title insurance fees
  • home warranty fees
  • home inspections fees
  • and other inspection fees

You will receive an detail list of the cost associated with your purchase and what cost are able to be paid with the rebate program.

What guarantees of service do you provide?

We have the Love it or Leave it Guarantee program that will guarantee you are happy with your property or we will sell your property without any commissions fees charged to you*.

That’s Right! we will sell your property for FREE if you do not like it.

We are very confident in our services and knowledge of the local area that for any reason you are not happy you can decide to use your guarantee.

* This guarantee has terms and conditions that will be explained in our initial consultation.


We are the only property management firm in Southern California that is confident enough to make this offer!


© 2022 Advanced Real Estate Advisors 

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