Today’s real estate market is much more volatile than it has been in the last several years with the financing crisis and market prices fluctuating just about every day.

The home prices may be adjusting and the interest rates are adjusting in a upwards trend compounded with tighting of lending standards has created havac with the common home buyer.

You may be finding yourself wondering if you will even be able to purchase your dream home once you have found it.

After all you may be playing the waiting game for prices to adjust so that you will be able to afford that special home of choice.

What will happen once you have found this special home and you are tied to a lease without any way to act on the purchase of this special home.

The EZ-Exit Lease Agreement will give you the freedom to purchase any home of your choice when the time is right regardless if you are in a 1 year or 2 year lease agreement without the stress of waiting for your lease agreement to expire.

The exclusive program will give you the support and security of a lease and the flexability of a month to month rental agreement as you will be able to cancel the lease without any recourse from the landlord.

Our tenants have told us over the last several years that they love our Exclusive EZ-Exit Lease Agreement and that we have given them ability to purchase their special home when the time was right.

We are the only property management firm in Southern California that is confident enough to make this offer!

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